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how to buy klife insurance with one lump sum single premium for wealth transfer

Should you buy life insurance with one lump sum premium?

Life insurance for your heirs – Single Premium Life Insurance Depending on your situation the simple answer is… quite possibly.  In fact, single-premium universal life insurance, SPUL, may be one of the most overlooked, misunderstood life insurance products available today and rarely recommended by traditional life insurance agents. However, expert Tax-Free Retirement Specialists use this [...]

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indexed universal life insurance

How an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy can Help Protect Your Family and Provide for Your Retirement

One of the most talked about life insurance products available today is Indexed Universal Life (IUL). An IUL provides the value of a permanent life insurance with the cash value of the policy invested into an account that is “linked” to the performance of a market index like the S&P 500. The value to the [...]

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Life Insurance Sales On The Rise

Great news!  Life Insurance sales have been (and remain) on a steady uptick.  Limra reported that second quarter (2012) new annualized premiums grew by 4% over the same time last year.  And they grew by 3 percent over the entire first half of last year (2011).  The real big winner was indexed universal life.  As [...]

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