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best life insurance worksheet

The Best Life Insurance Worksheet

The Best Life Insurance Worksheet So you’ve come to the realization that you need to buy life insurance.  You’ve read and educated yourself at and have some basic ideas of what types to review with your Retirement Life Solutions Specialist.  Before you make that call, there is one more thing you might want to [...]

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inusre your love buy life insurance protect your family if you die

What would you do for love?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, almost everyone is trying to find that one special present, better than last years present, to show their loved ones that they love them more this year than last year. Remember… “You do it For Love” Here are a few short videos that will bring a smile, laughter, and [...]

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Over $1 Billion of Unclaimed Life Insurance!

Most of you reading the title are probably assuming that it is some kind of marketing prank to get you to read the blog, but this is completely legit.  And shocking nonetheless! That’s right, Consumer Reports did a thorough investigation in its February issue about the wild amount of life insurance payouts that are NOT [...]

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70% of Americans dont understand life insurance do you understand life insurance

LIMRA: Americans Have Rudimentary Knowledge about Life Insurance

LIMRA Researchers Test Americans’ Life Insurance IQ – 70 Percent Fail Recently, LIMRA (Life Insurance and Market Research Association) provided a life insurance IQ test to 4,000 Americans to gauge their knowledge and understanding of life insurance. Less than a third (1,200) passed the 10-question exam and the majority (55 percent) answered fewer than five [...]

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Life Insurance Alternatives

Life insurance, in its simplest form, has been around for many generations.  When I say simplest form, I mean a tax-free death benefit.  I am quite certain that the majority of Americans believe that a tax-free death benefit is the sole purpose of life insurance.  In fact, I would be willing to bet that the [...]

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Life Insurance As An Asset Class

For some reason, life insurance is frequently looked over as an asset class.  Perhaps because most people (including many financial planners) aren’t aware of it’s many uses.  If you asked an average consumer off the street all of the ways that life insurance can be used, the most likely response will be a simple “Death [...]

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Life Insurance In A Box

For the last couple of decades, Walmart has spread throughout the country like a wildfire taking out mom and pop stores, forcing consolidation of mid-sized businesses, and altered many small cities and towns across America.  However, this movement has also created countless amounts of jobs, has brought incredible deals to American households on everything they [...]

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Life Insurance In America To Reach Market Value Of $650 Billion

Even though the majority of households in America are under-insured and many lack contractual lifetime income retirement vehicles such as annuities, the future still looks very bright for life insurance growth here in America.  In fact, “Research and Markets” recently announced their “Life Insurance in the United States” report that suggested the total life insurance [...]

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